\ New York Photo Festival \ May 12-16 2010



Tuesday May 18, 2010

Special editions at Dashwood

Dashwood bookstore at 33 Bond Street New York is interested to sell some of the special editions of the DutchDoc!Space books. The owner, David Strettell, told us it is difficult to sell special editions, but was interested in some of the books anyway.
Monday May 17, 2010

Aperture interested in DutchDoc!Space show

The day before the DutchDoc!Space show started Lesley Martin of the Aperture Foundation came over to visit the show in a preview. She was very enthousiastic and had the idea of making a kind of show in the Aperture Galery. The day after the DutchDoc!Spaceshow at NYPH10 we visited the space and met with other people of the organization. The news is that they are still interested and we are talking about when, what and how.
Saturday May 15, 2010

Rob Hornstra winner of bookprize at NYPH10

The Dutch Photographer Rob Hornstra won one of the New York Photo Festival Awards in the categorie: Photographic Book. He won the prize with his book Sanatoria. There were also two Honorable Mentions for two other Dutch Photograpers, Jeroen Hofman & Jeroen Kramer.
Wednesday May 12, 2010

Today at six opening NYPH10 in St. Ann's Warehouse

The opening of the NYPH10 will be at 6pm at St. Ann's Warehouse. You have to have a ticket, which you can buy at the main office at Mainstreet Dumbo . It is still doubtfull if one of the curators will come, the man everybody is waiting for: Lou Reed. Will he come, will he perform?
Monday May 10, 2010

Five nominees of Dutch Doc Award in NYPH10 shows

Five Dutch photographers who are in New York with a show at the New York Photofestival are nominated for the Dutch Doc Award in the Netherlands. Jeroen Kramer, Petra Stavast are nominees for The Dutch doc Award.
Sunday May 09, 2010

Filmpremières in St. Ann's Warehouse

Three films about three Dutch photographers will have their first run at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn New York. It is part of the DUTCHDOC!SPACE show at the New York Photo Festival

DUTCHDOC!SPACE is a cooperation between zijvanrotteveel , Featuring and the promotor of documentary photography Fonds BKVB.


“We do it ourselves,” is a statement often used by young Dutch photographers. “We do it ourselves,” in how we organize our exhibitions, searching for different ways to fundraising and different ways to publish our books. It, along with a solid documentary tradition, is one of the characteristics that make Dutch photography nationally and internationally famous. The photo book also has a long tradition, and its popularity is rising among both young and more established photographers. For young photographers, it is often the best way to tell their stories. Within that photo book, you increasingly see the attempt to cross boundaries and find new ways of storytelling.

DUTCHDOC!SPACE at NYPH’10 is an exhibition area where four photo books are presented in an exciting form. The emphasis in this pavilion is on the Dutch photo book and Dutch documentary photography. Several activities within the same discipline will also take place here. The entire project was developed in cooperation with Annelies Kuiper, promoter of documentary photography from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. The design of the exhibition is hands of Michl Sommer and Victor Leurs of Featuring Amsterdam. Participating artists: Boudewijn Bollmann, Teun van der Heijden, Rob Hornstra, Wil van Iersel, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Willem Poelstra, Hugo Schuitemaker, Michl Sommer, and Rob Wetzer.

The start

The New York Photo Festival invited curator Marga Rotteveel to make a show like she did at Photofestival Naarden last year. She didn't want to do the same thing twice, so she thought of something new: an exhibition of the work of 4 young photographers who are telling their story in a book.


Rotteveel searched for cooperators and found the designers and co-thinkers of Featuring with Michl Sommer and Victor Leurs. She also asked the promotor of documentary photography of the Foundation BKVB to participate in the project because it would be an excellent chance to put the Dutch documentary photography into the spotlight.

The idea

It starts with four books of four young photographers: Wytske van Keulen, Daan Paans, Willem Popelier, Petra Stavast. They did it themselves, like it is more and more usual in the Dutch photography: you have to do it yourself. They thought of an idea, wanted to make a book of it, asked a designer or a publisher or a printing on demandwebsite to help and then they did it. DUTCHDOC!SPACE in New York is all about making your own photobook yourself.


The outcome is a show and a book. It is not just a show. It starts with the four books. The pages of the books are shown at the exhibition. There is build up a grit of steelcable with folded pages hanging at them. You can walk through all of the stories. At the end you will find the 4 books.

If you liked special pages, you can copy them from the book on the copymachine and make you can make your own book again. At the end of the show, after 5 days, the show will fold into a book again. This one you can buy as a collectors item.

There are twenty different other special editions of book of twenty Dutch photographers. They also made these collectors items themselves., especially for the show. You can buy them in the exhibition or by sending us an e-mail: zijvanrotteveel@xs4all.nl Take a look in the webshop.

the future

By selling the book of the exhibition and the special edition DUTCHDOC!SPACE is collecting money to make new shows in Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, .....

#1 New York

Welcome to DUTCHDOC!SPACE website. News, tweets, photos and blogposts, you can find it here. We will keep you updated.

#2 Berlin

DUTCHDOC!SPACE has the ambition to show new work of Dutch photographers all over the world. It started in New York, it will end in....

#3 Hong Kong

DUTCHDOC!SPACE has the ambition to show new work of Dutch photographers all over the world. It started in New York, it will end in....